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Gingerwave by kyle23emma Gingerwave by kyle23emma
entry for designing :iconmy-little-oc-pony:'s pony OC mascot.

Oh man! where do I begin. At first I was having a very vague idea of what this pony could be. I instantly came up with the idea of him or her being a chef, but after that I kinda forgot about the mascot till the very last days of the contest. Everything came up in a matter of hours, I have to say, I have a very vast imagination and creativity, however, they seem one way in my head, but when I have to express whatever I have in there, I become a mess, so I hope my backstory make sense, because it's deeper than it seems.

Let's begin with the hot sauce shall we?


Name: Gingerwave
Gender: stallion
Age: 21
Species: pegasus

Cutie Mark: A Gingerbread pony covered in multicolored toppings and sprinkles, it seems to be lifted by a heart shaped baloon by it's flank.

Gingerwave was born in Ponyville. By default being born in such town means that you always have to be a happy and joyful pony with the usual light problems ponies seem to have there. However, that wasn't Gingerwave case.
His parents didn't have a name planned for him, because he wasn't a planned baby to begin with. The same day he was born, as soon as his mother saw him, she couldn't help but notice his big, curly and voluminous mane and tail. He actually had a lot of hair for a new born. Later that day, he was able to open his eyes before both of his parents, and that moment felt like magical, unique and intimate. It was like time stopped for them. His crystal blue eyes enamored his parents, hypnotized them with love and tenderness, that's why his mother picked Ginger (for being a redhead) and Wave (because the color of his eyes reminded them of the blue ocean with crystal clear water)

Years had passed, and despite Gingerwave seeming to be a normal child, he had a problem while growing up. He was unable to speak. His parents took him to several specialists, but his vocal cords seemed to be fine, there was no reason why he couldn't speak at all, he just doesn't. His problem may be psycological but that's mystery not even his parents were able to solve. As he grew up, he was able to communicate with his parents through signs and letters.
Elementary school was a nightmare, he was bullied by his classmates for having a huge poofy red hair, they often called him 'orange brocolli'. His mane was so poofy that his mother actually spent a lot of money in different types of combs that couldn't handle the volume of his hair. He started to believe that life wasn't more than just a routine. 
Ponyville was a nice place to live, but he always saw the same people over and over and over again, everything was getting very repetitive until one day he experienced something different.

The routine mentioned before, also applied to his parents. They both worked, and seemed to have a very scheduled lifestyle, he could tell they weren't really happy, so he wanted to do something special for them, so one day when he came home from school, he wanted to make a special meal for his parents. He wasn't new to food, but was to cooking. He liked food a lot but never thought of cooking because his mother told him on several ocassions that he could get hurt.
As he went on it, he noticed his hair was getting all in the way, and he couldn't work confortably, so, he took one of his mother's ribbons and tied it up on his hair. He felt a bit uncofortable because that was an accessory for girls but actually helped him to see perfectly what he was doing, he had so much fun doing that meal.
When their parents got home, they were greeted with a homemade meal already served on the table waiting for them, that was quite a surprise for them, but a good one nonetheless. When they were all eating on the table they couldn't help but smile as wide as can be and wonder how Gingerwave was able to cook such mangificent dishes!

When Gingerwave went to bed, for the first time in years he was smiling wide as he was preparing to sleep, waiting for what tomorrow could hold for him, and in that moment his flank started glowing. He got his cutiemark! however, he couldn't understand what it was. He knew that a cutiemark appears when a pony discovers it's true talent in life, but his was very confusing for him because he wasn't sure what it mean.

Years passed and when Gingerwave was a teenager, he still wasn't able to speak, however that didn't stopped him from moving on and grow up from his past. It was his last year of high school, and as usual for other pegasus ponies, he was being prepared for applying to schools in Cloudsdale. That was the plan since he was a little colt, but truth to be told, he was having second thoughts about it because that wasn't really his true passion in life. His wings were meant to fly but he always prefered walking, however for cooking, his wings became like extra limbs he could use to work much faster.
Life at home was a different thing though, he made his parents very happy and actually cooked for them all the time, he also wore ribbons on his hair and his tail all the time, they were green because green was his favorite color, and actually that was the only way to keep his mane tamed. It wasn't that bad though, that way he was able to store different food related items in his hair. As a family, they've gotten closer more than ever, and his dad was his best friend. Literally!
That last year of school, a cook contest was held in Ponyville, one of the judges was a very famous chef from Las Pegasus. As soon as Gingerwave found out about that, he begged his parents to let him in. He was such a good son that it was impossible for them to say no, even if he was in finals period. He won the contest easily and the prize was a tour through Equestria visiting several restaurants.

There was a problem. That tour clashed with 'his future'. That was the hardest desicion for Gingerwave, but he told his parents he wanted to go to the tour. Instead of stopping him, they believed in him and supported him, in fact, his dad never doubted he would be a succesful chef one day, so he quitted his job and joined him on his adventure through Equestria as a representative. Gingerwave's disability could be a problem for other ponies, but nopony else could understand him better than his dad, so he went along as some sort of translator.

This tour was a magical experience for him because he was able to taste different flavors, meet different ponies that he had never seen before. He was fascinated by diversity, he liked interacting with them and knowing their cultures and actually learn about native cooking. He cooked for them and he moved hearts, took smiles and filled bellies. Making others happy through food was a wonderful feeling for him and for the first time ever he opened up and tried to say some words, most of them food related. That moment tightened his relationship with his dad like never before. They've gotten so close and his dad was so proud of him.
Also without realizing, he was touching other ponies lives as well. His mostly carefree personality, even if it sounds strange, the lack of words from him, the way he stares at them, with such intensity with his gorgeous crystal blue eyes and of course his foods which always seemed to have something from other regions he visited, motivated ponies to take chances they wouldn't have taken before.
For the first time ever, Gingerwave felt the true meaning of friendship besides his dad. And that's why he understood his cutiemark, he was probably too young to understand what it was when he was a colt, but now he does.

The gingerbread pony has different colors because he loves to make different ponies from all ages, colors, shapes or sizes, happy and he likes them to become friends and embrace their differences. Food is his method to achieve that. He also understood why it was a gingerbread pony. It wasn't because he was literally a ginger, it was because one of his favorite ingredients to cook with was ginger, he actually always carries some in his tail.

The tour was long, so he took some breaks in between. He always went back with his dad to Ponyville to visit his mother and he noticed that new ponies, different ones from different regions of Equestria have been moving in. That always make his day because sharing friendship between diverse ponies seemed something nearly the past.


wow that was a lot more longer that I thought, actually I don't hate the story, I hate the way I written it, but I consider myself a terrible writer and I can never have my thougths in order when it comes to write about it, add to that my limited range of words in english. Anyway, feel free to ask if something is weird about the story.
BTW, I couldn't come up with names for his parents.
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djjafeth Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
parece chica a primera vista xD
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Wow. This is adorable!
kyle23emma Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you Casy. I know I drew him, but even myself had a doze of diabetus while finishing him I have to admit.
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awwwwww so cute
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thank you :3
WEndigo-666 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem
MidnightFreakShow Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
He is amazing... And this is he most in-depth backstory we've gotten so far... I absolutely love it!
kyle23emma Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you very much. Talking about, literally sharing OC's didn't seem like something I wanted to do.
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